Guided tour "Jägala Waterfall and Historic Harju County Tour"

Guided tour "Jägala Waterfall and Historic Harju County Tour"

During the tour, we will visit one of the longest underground rivers in Estonia and a karst area in Kostivere, which is the largest in Estonia. A touch of history is added by mystical Saha chapel and the oldest stone barrows located at Rebala museum. We will also stop by the Jägala waterfall, which is beautiful in any season. In addition, we will visit Neeme village; there, we find one of the best restaurants on the north coast – Fish Restaurant Ruhe. The price includes services of a guide in Estonian, English or Russian, as well as transport and the entrance fee of the museum. Eating at the Restaurant Ruhe costs extra; larger groups can order in advance from group menu. Discounts for groups!
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