Beaches for swimmers

Laulasmaa beach
Laulasmaa ("singing grounds") beach, located near the Lahepere Bay, got its name from the so-called local singing sands. The beach is full of white sand and surrounded by a beautiful pine forest, which makes it a popular place for swimming and sunbathing. There are ball courts and you can rent...
Salmistu Beach
Salmistu is a peaceful and pleasant sandy beach for swimming. The quay services fishing boats and smaller vessels. It is possible to arrange transportation to Pedassaare. A small kiosk selling snacks is open to visitors.
Vääna-Jõesuu beach
Vääna-Jõesuu beach, frequented visited by several thousand people during hot summer days, has a swimming area with the maximum depth of 1.8 m, surrounded by buoys. In addition, information about the quality of water is displayed during the summer season. The beach is comfortably sandy, and the...