Sadevälja Garden Farm

Sadevälja Garden Farm

Over the last 17 years, more than 800 varieties and species of flora have been planted on the land around the 120-year-old Sadevälja Garden Farm, which can be visited upon prior arrangement. Sadevälja Garden Farm was named the 'Country Home of the Year' in 2012 in Harju County. The forest school at Sadevälja Garden Farm sells different perennial flowers, bushes, and conifers. The entrance fee for groups of 15 people also includes a tour of the collection garden.Additionally, it is possible to visit the horticultural farms of Roogoja and Roosoja and Tõnise Forest School, all of which are located in the same village.
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Sadevälja aiandustalu
Sadevälja aiandustalu

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