Siniallika Tavern

Siniallika Tavern

We are located but a walk away from one of the most magical places in Estonia – the Saula springs in the colours of Estonian flag (Siniallikas, or Blue Spring, Mustallikas, or Black Spring, and Valgeallikas, or White Spring).  In addition to simple Estonian meals, we also have a pasta and pizza menu; the latter's genuine nature is guaranteed by our Italian head chef who works in the kitchen. Additionally, you can enjoy our beautiful outdoor terrace, a walking trail along the river and a tennis court on the beach. We are a child-friendly restaurant! The Siniallika seminar room is located on the first floor of the building. It is suitable for seminars and hobby groups. The upstairs has enough room for up to 25 people to work comfortably. The entire building accommodates 80 people.
pho 58884422
address Saulasaare tee, Kose vald

    Sirge 2 10618


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