Central hiking trail on the Island of Naissaar

The Island of Naissaar, in the 11th century records referred to as Terra feminarum, in 1297 Narghetn, later Nargö, also Nargen, is an island located in the Gulf of Tallinn, 8.5 km from mainland. The area of the island is 1,662.8 ha, and it is 11 km in length and 4 km in width.

The island mainly covered by forest has been a nature park since 1995.

There is a 11 km hiking trail with several observation spots and information boards in the central part of the island to ease exploration.
The marked trail starts from the camping area and introduces the island’s natural treasures, passing through the Danish King’s Garden, Põhjaküla village, Kunila hill, through the mine stores, and back to the camping area.