Harju county

The county territory has 34 rivers and other waterbodies flowing into the sea, the longest ones with the biggest catchment area are Jägala, Keila and Pirita rivers and Valgejõgi. Out of the hundred lakes in Harjumaa, the largest are Ülemiste, Kahala and Harku lake. Two large water reserves have been developed in the surface catchment system of Tallinn: Paunküla and Soodla. The highest peak is in the Eastern part of the county on Tapa-Pikksaare ridge, reaching 112,6 meters above sea level.

Thanks to its diverse habitats, the flora in Harjumaa is rich, the most notable rare plants are field locoweed, alpine butterwort, felwort and several orchids. The ample presence of shrubby cinquefoil in the North-Western part of the county is also remarkable.

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Area: 4327 km²
Population: 609 515
Population density: 140,9 in/km²
County capital: Tallinn

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