Tuhala karst region and hiking trail

Tuhala karst region and hiking trail

Tuhala is located in Harju County, which has been settled for approximately 3,000 years. Nearby there are 11 sites of ancient settlement, 30 cult stones with little hollows in them, three stone barrows, four sacrificial groves and more. In Heinasoo, located between Tuhala church and the manor park, you will find the oldest log road in Estonia, dating back to the 3rd or 4th century. While Tuhala is best known for its overflowing Witch’s Well, its karst region (188 ha, largest in Estonia) has a lot more to offer. The right time to go on the hiking trail (2.5 km) is when the Witch's Well is not overflowing, as the caves are 7 m underwater during the high water. Book a tour guide at the Tuhala Nature Centre for a half hour tour covering the nature and cultural history of Tuhala by the Witch's Well.
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Tuhala karstiala ja matkarada
Tuhala karstiala ja matkarada


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