Estonian Cider Route Tour

The first cider in Estonia was registered in May 2015. Cider was not made in Estonia before that and therefore, the apple orchards are young and the cider-making technologies are still being discovered. In Estonia, cider is mainly made from eating apples (Talvenauding, Koit, Antonovka, Kuldrenett). Some cider producers have planted special cider apples from the UK or France, but they are still very young. Perry is made by only one of 17 manufacturers.
Some producers also make alcohol-free cider and apple lemonade, meaning that the tour is suitable for the whole family.
Good to know!
• The cider tour can be arranged as you wish;
• You can also visit only one destination;
• The appointment time must be agreed with the cider producer;
• Transport and accommodation must be arranged for yourself.
On request, you can order a guided tour by the only pommelier in the Baltics, Kaire Jakobson, Cider House. Kaire’s tours can be conducted in Estonian, Russian, Finnish, and English.