Sea safari around the Pakri islands

Sea safari around the Pakri islands

Sea safari around the islands! If the weather allows, we will spend about 1.5 hours at sea with stops on Väike-Pakri and Suur-Pakri. The length of the entire trip depends on the duration of the stops. During the safari, we are going to pass through Kurkse Strait, catch waves north of Suur-Pakri, set our feet down on the north-eastern part of Suur-Pakri, admire the view of the Väike-Pakri bluff from the sea, walk around Väikeküla village on Väike-Pakri, and, if you would like, visit the local chapel. You can have a picnic on either one of the islands. A sea safari group should consist of up to 11 people; clients should put together their own groups. This is probably the best price offer in North Estonia!
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Just one of Estonia's many islands, Prangli is Tallinn's closest inhabited island. With unparalleled natural scenery and lovely sandy beaches, it has a maritime culture that dates back to the 13th century. Possible to visit as a day trip excursion, the trip to Prangli island...

Museums of the Prangli Islands
The museums showcase the history, nature and way of life of Suur-Prangli and Väike-Prangli (Aksi). Museum of Farm Folk of Prangli Islands has a permanent exhibition on the everyday lives of the coastal folk of Prangli and Aksi over the centuries. Thus, fishing nets and seal tongs (4-to-5-metre ski...
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The virtual tour guide is a kit working with the Google Maps application, which introduces the attractions of Prangli. The kit is perfect for active people who want to discover the island independently. You can either walk on foot or ride a bike to explore. After the order, we will send the...
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Nature Park on the island of Naissaar
Naissaar started to emerge from the sea about 8,000 years ago, thus being one of the oldest small islands in Estonia next to Ruhnu. The highest point of the island (Kunilamägi) is 27 m high. Historical sources first mentioned the island (Terra feminarum) in 1075; in 1279, a Danish king enacted a...
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Our fast speedboat takes you to the memorable Naissaar in only 30 minutes! We have three speedboats; we can take 36 people to the island in one trip and up to 150 a day. On the island, you will be greeted at the harbour by the driver of a military truck who will take you on a 2.5 hour tour;...
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