Sea safari around the Pakri islands

Sea safari around the islands!
If the weather allows, we will spend about 1.5 hours at sea with stops on Väike-Pakri and Suur-Pakri. The length of the entire trip depends on the duration of the stops.

During the safari, we are going to pass through Kurkse Strait, catch waves north of Suur-Pakri, set our feet down on the north-eastern part of Suur-Pakri, admire the view of the Väike-Pakri bluff from the sea, walk around Väikeküla village on Väike-Pakri, and, if you would like, visit the local chapel.
You can have a picnic on either one of the islands.
A sea safari group should consist of up to 11 people; clients should put together their own groups.

This is probably the best price offer in North Estonia!