RMK Majakivi–Pikanõmme study trail

The 7 km trail is located at the western edge of Lahemaa National Park, in the middle of Juminda Peninsula and starts in the car park just by the Hara–Juminda Road, running on the eastern side of the peninsula. 

2 km of the total length of the 8-shaped trail can be completed on a boardwalk. The study trail has been marked with white and green signs on trees; there are 3 large and 9 small information boards on the trail, as well as an observation tower.
The trail passes through the high middle part of Juminda Peninsula, where the intertwinement of former beach ridges and sand dunes, as well as forest and marsh strips creates a unique and varied landscape.

The third largest boulder in Estonia – Majakivi (House Stone) – is located on the trail.