A nature and culture trip on your own, by car in Harju County and Lahemaa National Park

Driving east from Tallinn, you will find the beautiful Maardu Manor and the historical Rebala Museum, from where the most powerful waterfall in Estonia – Jägala Waterfall awaits you. You can fill your stomach in Kaberneeme Marina, where yachts merrily circle around at sea. Also, go explore the legend of Tülivere Sacred Oak and the beautiful sandy beach of Leesi. Take a look at the Juminda lighthouse as you drive along. The Majakivi-Pikanõmme study trail is waiting for hikers and the Hara Harbour for history buffs.

In addition to the Viinistu Art Museum, visit Purekkari Cape, the northernmost point of mainland Estonia. There are also many scenic places and hiking trails along the road, as well as the winery Valgejõe Veinivilla where you can taste local wines.
The last day is spent wandering and hiking in Kõrvemaa and Aegviidu. On the way back to Tallinn, stop by at the newly renovated Anija Manor.

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