A trip into the history of the city of Paldiski

The exciting and fascinating history of the city of Paldiski and the Pakri Peninsula along with the local nature are more than worth discovering as they offer many surprises.
Here you’ll find a fortress of Peter the Great, the Muula hills, a lighthouse, Amandus Adamson Studio Museum, Leetse Manor, St. Nicholas’ Church, St. George’s Church, the Paldiski Naval School, and the cliffs.

In addition, you can see the rich heritage from the area’s time as a military campus when civilians were prohibited from entering this town.
The programme can be adjusted to suit your specific needs!
Duration: up to 2 hours.

A bus tour: max 55 people
A walking tour: 10–25 people
A tour in Estonian: 45 euros.

Interesting fact: the area of Paldiski is the second largest in Estonia, second only to Tallinn, covering the peninsula in addition to the city.