Kanuu.ee safari vehicle tour and a hike in Kõrvemaa

Come and try riding along bogs and eskers in a ZIL 131 safari vehicle. It is a 6×6 truck with an enhanced permeability meant for military use from the Soviet era.

The programme:
– we will gather at the Kõrvemaa Hike and Ski resort;
– a guide will give instructions and then, we will sit in the safari vehicles;
– we will cover a 27-km trail, which involves the Pikanõmme esker, Riistakõrve bog, River Soodla and a beaver dam, Lake Venejärv, and Püüsaare bog;
– a hike;
– the safari will continue.
We will drive on small forest roads which are of a poor quality at times, but the cars are comfortable for both the young and old.