Paunküla Reservoir

The largest body of water in the southern part of Harju County, which also has the most fish in the area, was created in 1960 when the Pirita River was dammed up between Paunküla and Ardu. The current area of the reservoir is 447.2 ha with the islands. There are about ten islands in the reservoir, the largest of which are Seapilli, Tudre, and Mustakannu. There are many common adders on the islands.
The water body is valued as a fishing and bathing site in summer. Boats, canoes, water bikes, and a rafting sauna can be rented at Paunküla Wellness Centre. There is another boat rental at the waterfront for fishing. You can fish for roach, perch, pike, bream, tench, ruff, and crucian. With luck, you may also catch eel and silver Prussian carp.