Saue-Saku. Suburbs, manors and a brewery.

The area around the towns of Saku and Saue (Saku is located 15 km along the Männiku Road and Saue is located 20 km along the Pärnu Road) forms a popular residential district just beyond Tallinn’s city limits. If you want to find out what life’s like for the average Estonian, it’s worth jumping in a car or hopping on a bike and exploring the area. One of its biggest points of interest, as the name suggests, is to be found in Saku: the oldest continuously operating brewery in the country, dating from 1820. The area is home to some lovely manors as well. Caravanners are also welcome in these parts: Saue boasts a caravan park offering all the mod cons that’s very popular among foreign tourists. Saue and Saku can be reached very easily by trains ( Entertainment for families (only in the summer): Vembu-Tembumaa and Estrella Wakepark. Metsanurme area is nice for hiking.
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