Kose-Tuhala-Paunküla. Vikings, Witch’s Well and untouched nature.

Kose municipality has historically been on crossroads for travellers: it was here that ancient waterways, winter byways and wayfarers’ pathways intersected. The area is accessible from Tartu Road, turn off from the main road next to Viking Village (32 km from Tallinn), and you are in the area that has provided a wealth of archaeological finds and is renowned for its churches, manors and untouched nature. The best-known sites in the municipality are Kõue Manor and Tuhala Witch-Well. The area will be of interest to visitors who value natural environments all but untouched by human hand – the hiking trail through the Paunküla hills in particular, which along with the official State Forest Management Centre hiking trails (see www.loodusegakoos.ee) is the perfect place to get off the beaten track. The region’s centre, the town of Kose itself, is just 35 minutes or so from Tallinn by car. For bikers its possible to take a bus to Saula (Central Railway Station, no 138) and rent a bike from Viking Village to explore the area.
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