ÖÖD Hötels Rannamõisa

ÖÖD Hötels Rannamõisa

ÖÖD Hötels Rannamõisa is an ideal holiday destination to get away from the capital. The mirror house is surrounded by a dense pine forest, where privacy is guaranteed. It is possible to go for a swim in the sea or lose track of time while enjoying the sunset. It has a small kitchenette, a large bed, a cosy interior, a terrace, a barbecue, and free parking. Forget about your worries and spend a memorable night alone or with a loved one. Nearby are Tilgu Harbour and Suurupi and Vääna-Jõesuu beaches which are known for their sandy beach and beautiful hiking trails.
e-mail info@oodhotels.com
www https://www.oodhotels.com
address Kõrgemäe tee, 73, Harku vald


    Sirge 2 10618



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